Thursday, 28 February 2013

Up lifting

I wouldn't normally make public my personal shopping habits, especially when it comes to bra shopping, but, today is an exception to the rule. Lululemon on Robson street has some pretty funky, and yes, pretty bras, and I thought that maybe if I wore a sporty bra, I would look like an athlete. Why not give it a try. There was a male staff person buzzing around the bra section and I asked him, in good fun, which bra he found the most comfortable. Ha ha, he said, my girl friend would recommend this one [pic attached], she doesn't wear anything else but this one, EVEN to yoga. I imagined myself sweating in a vikram yoga class and exiting in a healthy glow. Darling, why don't you get into the change room and I will bring you one to try. What size are you? Well. I may not be his darling, but I was quite taken by this confident male who didn't seem to be fazed by a cup size. The next thing I knew, I was in the fitting room, with my name written in chalk on the door....I said my name was Lisa. I couldn't bring myself to be even more intimate with this bra flinging gent.  The next thing I knew, he was knocking, "how are things going for you in there? I brought a few more to try on". [5]. He flung them over the fitting room door so they hung there in a tidy row, all on their respective hangars, and all the right size. There is nothing complimentary about a fitting room with its adjustable mirrors and glaring lights, and just as I was ready to bolt, he informed me that he was going off for his coffee break and Jessie would be assisting me as needed. Phew! By the time I had dressed and extricated myself, he was gone.
 As I entered the que for payment, I noticed the name tag on the tall young man at the til.....Jess. "Did you find everything to your satisfaction miss?" Well yes, I did thank you. As I turned to exit the store, I saw two female staff members in the men's department.
Isn't life grand.

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