Friday, 15 February 2013


For the second time in 6 days I have needed to make a 911 call. I feel like I have a direct line to the dispatcher.
Tonight, the sweetest elderly couple was out for a beer and a stroll, and on their way home, his knees gave way and he collapsed. In a Brit accent, he apologized profusely for wasting my time, the time of the other two witnesses and the government's money. His wife said she was afraid he would never come home again, 'too frail', so, maybe they should simply 'plant him in their bed'.  They shivered from the temperature and the shock so I called Tom to deliver blankets. Then, cloaked in 2 afghans, they waited their fate. Hoisted onto a stretcher, his little wife 3 steps behind, they were moved into a warm ambulance.
A huge thank you to the 2  ambulance attenders who kindly and most respectfully assisted these elderly folk.

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