Monday, 25 February 2013

City etiquette

Living in a city is if nothing else, entertaining. Starting in the elevator; eye contact is not necessary, but not frowned upon. State the current weather condition but do not make a personal inquiry. If another enters the elevator, do the 'elevator shuffle' and flatten yourself against the wall. Upon exiting the elevator, make full eye contact and wish your fellow rider [riders] a good day or evening whatever the case may be.
  Taking the translink has a whole new set of unspoken rules. If you are not interested in doing a seat shuffle each time the bus stops and gets fuller, seat yourself  on the back seat initially and stay put. Once on the bus, eye contact is permitted but must be brief. Compliments and asking for directions are  acceptable. If you are wearing strong perfume, expect someone to make an off handed comment. Be prepared for the worst of odours; body, the souring bag of empties, the unwashed, all not for the faint of heart.
 The west coast express has its own law. NO talking or eye contact acceptable. Make yourself as small as possible in your seat, become invisible. Plug your ears with your buds, and be prepared for a quiet ride. Fatigued commuters  will discreetly snooze until their stop. Do not prop your feet on the seat across from you if it becomes available. Tuck your knees in as far as possible, as otherwise they will surely touch the passenger sitting across from you which leads to an  awkward moment.
 The grayhound is a culture all on its own; wearied passengers who have brought food and drinks, pillows, blankets and all manner of technology. Know that if you make any effort to communicate, you must be prepared to listen for the extent of your shared journey, it is up to you.

  Be entertained.

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