Saturday, 16 March 2013

Turduckin/AKA Muscovy

These  rather unattractive birds can easily be found hiding in the shade of trees, and are in the habit of ignoring you as you pass by. This one glared me down on our lengthy walk to find a Publix store this afternoon. Need more sun screen than we first thought, and because we turned right instead of left as we left the hotel, the walk was much longer than anticipated. We walked through lovely residential areas & my mind is now busy with wondering why we would spend another winter in Vancouver.
A 10 am pick up tomorrow to shuttle us off to the ship; a man named Tony driving a red van. Does this sound legitimate?

Friday, 15 March 2013

Fort Lauderdale

We landed yesterday around 5pm, and took what seemed to be a harrowing taxi ride to our hotel, about 13 miles, to the Sheraton Plantation. A most beautiful hotel with rooftop pool, hot tub and  panoramic view to  help us get orientated. We got our bags into the room and then headed out to stretch our legs and get some supper. We were very hungry, after a 12 hour day of flight snacking, and found the Macaroni Grill. Here we found out why the Macaroni Grill on Davie Street in Vancouver closed a few years ago. We forgot that in the USA, a small portion means large, and so, we ended up taking back 2 doggie bags which became today's supper. From now on we will remember to order for one off the menu and share it.
  I woke up to a sick husband this morning, he had been up most of the night while I innocently made up for lost sleep from the night before. So, while he stayed in bed, I went out to explore, and figured out that we are on the public transit route.After a late breakfast at noon, he rallied, and we caught the first bus, #22 to the main terminal 10 miles away. You pay cash on the bus, no tickets, no transfers, and were told that if we planned on taking the bus back, it would be worth our while to get an all day pass for $4.00, which we did. We were both surprized at how huge and flat the city is, it sprawls out, and the roads are wide with an average of 4 lanes in each direction all the way through the city. It felt very much like Orlando. The bus ride took us all the way downtown to the main terminal and from there we took  the #40 till we thought we were close enough to the water to get out. I guess we should have asked.....but it was warm, and a long walk never hurt anyone, plus, we saw a lot. We ended up on the beach, and watched the massive yachts weaving their way amongst the freighters. We thought the yachts in Vancouver were large! We travelled back via the bus again, this time took the long way and saw even more of the beach side of the city, and then  into the inner parts. It was such an adventure 'people watching' on the bus!! We were usually the only white people on the bus,and by that, I mean skin and hair, oh man, do we need some color!
The buses and stores are all air conditioned....much to our chagrin. Bur.....

Thursday, 7 March 2013

In case of death....

Time to clean up, we are leaving on a lengthy holiday. A friend who has worked on cruise ships for many years suggests we discuss what we will do if one of us dies while on board. I admit that I do think about dying while packing, usually along  the vein of vanity or shame; never leave home without clean underwear kind of thinking. Shall I leave the apartment spit polish clean, or mess it up so it looks like a robbery has taken place. Is our will up to date & in order  or are our adult children, parents themselves, still to go and live with friends in Winnipeg.
  Time to wear my best jewellery and clean the oven.